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Make Authenticity Your Business Building Superpower

What if we told you there’s something you can do that will cost you nothing and help you attract even more customers? 

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Mastering Your Mindset with Pepperlaner Jessica Miller

Today we’re excited to highlight Pepperlaner and success coach Jessica Miller who recently hosted a thought provoking “Ask Me Anything” segment in our Facebook community all about mindset. 

Jessica Miller (right) with Amy Falk (left) at Boost in August 2019

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9 Phrases Busy Mamas Can Say to Inspire Productivity

In this article on, Sharon shares her inspiration for starting Pepperlane, along with 9 helpful phrases to inspire busy moms. 

VentureFizz Podcast Talks With Gail Goodman, Chief Product Officer at Pepperlane

Pepperlane's Chief Product Officer Gail Goodman recently spoke with Keith Cline on the VentureFizz podcast about her career path, her previous role as CEO of Constant Contact, and why she's so excited about Pepperlane's mission to help mothers build successful businesses.

Sharon Kan Featured as one of Boston's Bright Entrepreneurial Minds

For all of us at Pepperlane, we know Sharon is exceptional. Her drive and vision has brought Pepperlane to life. We are thrilled that Sharon has been featured as one of Boston's Bright Entrepreneurial Minds in a recent Readwrite article

Bloomberg Baystate Business Radio Features Gail Goodman and Pepperlane

"Pepperlane is helping moms...have a third option. They can go to work. They can stay at home. And now, they can be entrepreneurs on their own terms" shared Gail Goodman on Bloomberg Baystate Business Radio. 

Pepperlane Featured on WBZ Radio

"We are letting moms create businesses that fit into their lives and letting them define success on their own terms," shared Gail Goodman on WBZ Radio. 

Why I Joined a Startup, but not as CEO

Today more than ever, we need to create a culture where women are supporting women. This idea is uncommon in our society, especially in the business world and we think it is time for a change. 

Gail Goodman Joins Pepperlane Team

Pepperlane, a SaaS-enabled marketplace inspiring an entrepreneurial revolution among stay-at-home mothers, has welcomed tech titan Gail Goodman to its team. The company has secured $4 million in venture capital from early-stage venture capital firm True Ventures. These developments will accelerate Boston-based Pepperlane’s mission of creating a platform where women can be great mothers and successful business owners.

Goodman, who joins Pepperlane as Chief Product Officer and Co-founder, is best known for her work as CEO of the online marketing firm Constant Contact, which she grew from pre-product to helping over 650,000 small businesses grow by building simple, easy, and affordable marketing tools.

How to Transform Your Service From Nice To Have to a Need-to-Have

You finally came up with that completely perfect website that you’re so proud of. But once you launched and opened your doors for business, you quickly realized that folks didn’t seem so interested in your services, after all. What went wrong?

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How the Pepperlane Pathway Can Help You With Business Growth

Pepperlane was started when our founder, Sharon Kan, realized motherhood was good for business growth. After all, moms have so many skills and ingenious ideas and services they can offer the world. But as mothers, we're so busy, it's almost impossible to believe we can create something for ourselves. We’re willing to bet at some point you had a great idea about a business, but just need help knowing where to begin--or how to take it to the next level.

How to Set Up a Facebook Ad with your Pepperlane Profile

It’s easy to get caught up in the unrelenting noise of conventional wisdom in business and life. We feel this sense of urgency to fit the mold of the latest marketing trends, try to figure out how to create an ad for our business, start blogging to attract an audience, and attend every networking event we can find. Soon the chaos of trying to keep up just feels insurmountable. So where do we start and how do we tease apart what will actually move the needle in our business and what won’t?

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Four Ways to Harness the Power of the Pepperlane Network

Strong women lift each each other up and support each other through the complicated roles we play from business owners to mothers to friends and daughters. Our lives aren’t static and don’t fit into a specific mold, and that’s why we need a thriving community who gets it.  That’s why we’ve designed the community to be at the core of the Pepperlane experience- we believe that building relationships is the #1 way for you to succeed in your business. Not only does it provide you with a unique support system, but also the opportunity to learn from others and deepen your relationships with an audience that’s likely to be one of your top lead sources as your grow. We’re all in this together, that that provides a unique bond and support system for our business-minded Moms to grow their businesses and thrive.

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