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How to Start Your Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

Got an idea for a business but feel lost as to where to start? You are not alone! At Pepperlane, we are frequently asked for guidance on getting a business off the ground. We’ve created this guide to give you the step-by-step process for getting your great idea out of your head and into the world.

From registering your business with the IRS to selecting your record-keeping system, the How to Start Your Business: A Step-by-Step Guide provides you with everything you need to move to the next phase of your business. We've also included recommendations to do deeper research and expand your network of other mom business owners. And Pepperlane is here for you every step of the way. We are rooting for you!


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5 Things You Need to Achieve Your Goals in 2021 + Free Guide

Goal setting can be challenging, but the effort you put in can pay off in big ways for your business. Let’s be honest, we all go into the new year with the best of intentions for our businesses, but it’s easy for the ebbs and flows of life to throw challenges in our path, especially as parents. 

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How Postpartum Depression Revolutionized This Mom’s Small Business

Kathrine Bright’s small business inspiration came to her while pregnant with her second son. On bedrest dealing with a difficult pregnancy, the fitness trainer’s thoughts of impending “baby weight” lit a spark.

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Pepperlane's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Pepperlane wants to make it easier and more joyful for conscious shoppers like you to find the perfect gift AND support mom-owned small businesses. We worked with Pepperlane Members and curated a wonderful list of gifts for everyone on your list (and maybe you too!).

Find the perfect gift for Those Stuck at Home (i.e. Almost Everyone), for The Kiddos, for Those That Love (or Need) Self-Care, and sooo much more!

Shop Holiday Gift Guide

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Best Support Services for Your Kids (and You)

There are many options out there to help your child (and you) be more successful this fall. Other moms are particularly well equipped to create solutions that will actually work for your family. These mom business owners (and Pepperlane Members) have been hard at work creating academic and fun support services for children.

Here are some of our favorites—from tutoring, foreign language programs, arts and music, and physical activities. 

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6 Inspiring Movies about Mom Entrepreneurs

Hollywood loves to make movies about mom entrepreneurs because—as we are wells  aware at Pepperlane—these stories at SO INSPIRING! We hope you will see a bit of yourself in these real and fictional mothers who are building businesses on their own terms. 

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Why did I give my CEO job to a college intern?

At the beginning of the summer, I was asked to support the True Ventures TEC Fellowship program by finding a position for Bozhena, a rising junior from Boston College. At Pepperlane, we were thrilled to be part of the program and very happy to have Bozhena join the team for the summer. Bozhena is a talented, positive young woman who has the quintessential entrepreneurial spirit every leader needs.

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How to Market When Your Business Is Not Cute: Advice from those who have done it

Are you struggling with marketing because your work does not create charming photo opportunities?

Is it difficult to feature your clients in your marketing because you need to protect their privacy?

Do you feel stuck because most social media marketing advice does not work for your business?

You are not alone. For those of you with a business in back-end services, legal, accounting, tutoring or many others, there may be real constraints to your marketing techniques because of the intangible work you produce, or client privacy protections. But there is hope!  

You are part of a large group of women who are talented business owners struggling with marketing. We are here to help!

We’ve brought together marketing and legal experts to offer strategic guidance on how to create a marketing plan that actually works for you. We will also featured Pepperlaners who have figured it out! Despite restrictions on their marketing, they’ve built a thriving customer base—they’ll share with you how they did it. 

Click below and we will email you the recording of the panel and the slides.

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How to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Business, by Padma Ali

Pepperlane Member Padma Ali, who has been using Facebook Live to grow her business for three years, recently went live in the Pepperlane Community Facebook Group to share her tips on how you can use this tool to increase your audience and connect with your ideal customers. 

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Why Authenticity is Important and How to Do It the Right Way

At Pepperlane, we’ve supported thousands of moms as they create businesses on their own terms. While we know that there’s no silver bullet or secret sauce, there is one thing every successful business owner has in common... authenticity!

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Best Time-Saving Tools for Mom Entrepreneurs

We all need ways to save time. With demanding businesses and the kids at home, every moment counts. The staff and the Pepperlane community worked together to compile a curated list of apps that can help you save time at home and be more productive throughout the day. From task and time management to childcare apps, the list covers a wide range of ways to help you out. Try out a few applications to manage your business and home life so that you can save yourself a couple of hours and spend more time doing what you love. With just a few of these additions to your smartphone, your life will be just a bit easier.

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