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Capturing the Right Photos for Your Business

When it comes to your marketing strategy, there are few things as important as great visuals. The phrase “a picture says a thousand words” has never been more relevant. Now more than ever, buyers want to have a meaningful connection with the businesses they support. 

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Spending Too Much Time and Money on Marketing?

Let’s set the scene: You’ve taken a big step and launched a business that fits into your #momlife. You’re pumped about setting out on your own and you’ve got some great people cheering you on. You launch your business and start trying to attract customers and…crickets. 

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HubWeek Feature: Lessons from One of the Top Female Leaders in Tech - Gail Goodman

Pepperlane Chief Product Officer Gail Goodman joined HubWeek to kick off their first Curated Conversations of 2020. HubWeek Co-founder and Managing Director of The Boston Globe Linda Henry hosted Gail for a chat about her years of experience as the CEO of Constant Contact, her decision to join Pepperlane as CPO, and the many lessons she has learned as a leader in tech.

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Members Who Mean Business Spotlight: Chef Lauren D’ Agostino

For chef Lauren D’Agostino, the journey from pastry chef and cake creator to plant-based chef and author was a path paved in personal growth and self-discovery. Today, she’s preparing to launch her second cookbook, Cooking with Essential Oils (now available on Amazon), while also taking her knowledge and passion of intuitive eating on the road at wellness retreats around the world where she crafts nutrient dense culinary creations that support deeper healing. When she's not away on retreat, she supports busy families by teaching in-home cooking classes to help get a healthy meal on the table that encourages the entire family to lead healthier, happier lives. 

5 Things You Need to Achieve Your Goals in 2020 + Free Bonus

Goal setting can be challenging, but the effort you put in can pay off in big ways for your business. Let’s be honest, we all go into the new year with the best of intentions for our businesses, but it’s easy for the ebbs and flows of life to throw challenges in our path, especially as parents. 

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6 Easy Ways to Manage Holiday Stress and Still Have Fun

'Tis the season to be joyful, generous, and sometimes, completely depleted!

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Get More Done with These Insider Home Office Space Tips

The secret to getting focused, inspired, and making the most of your limited time may be more straightforward than you think. 

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We Have So Much to Be Thankful for

Building a business, much like raising a child, can't be accurately described by any cliché, and there’s no one size fits all. Both experiences take us deeper inside ourselves than we thought possible. Both lead to a range of emotions—elation, confusion, overwhelm, and triumph. 

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The Gift Everyone Actually Wants

There are so many reasons to stop gifting more “stuff.” For one, the planet appreciates it, and, as new studies are showing, busy families do too!

We’re Starting a Movement for Mothers and This is Our Secret

Most of us have a vision of what type of parent we’ll be before we actually have kids. We’re confident that we can continue to pursue our dreams, while being fully present and involved in all the little moments. 

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Get the Most Out of Your Marketing- 5 Simple Ways to Win

If you’re looking for another boring list of the 1000 marketing things you absolutely must do right now—think creating YouTube channels, showing up on every social media site, starting a podcast, branding, SEO tactics, etcetera—  then you’ve come to the wrong place. 

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15 Great Books for Small Business Owners

If you’re reading this, you know it’s not easy to start, run, and grow a business all on your own. Tack on the duties of motherhood and life in general, and finding time to learn and expand your horizons can seem downright impossible!

20 Featured Businesses that Can Help You Get It All Done



With a million apps and unlimited screens all around us, you’d think it would be easier than ever to find great help that you can count on.

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