Rebecca Huron

Rebecca is a mom, wannabe entrepreneur, and perfectionist trapped in a chaotic world (aka the toddler years). Her background is in nonprofit fundraising and development, multi-channel marketing, and content strategy. As a new mom, she is committed to helping other working moms pursue their passions.

4 Moms Share Their Business Inspiration — Their Kids

What drives you? Everyone has a different reason to pursue our passions. Recognizing what drives you is not always easy, but this deep motivation can truly be what pushes us to take action.

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The Best Podcasts for Business and Motherhood

Looking back, I hardly recognize my pre-mom life. Once I became a mom, one of my main struggles was reconciling that the ambitious, career-minded, and driven person I used to be was now relegated to finding success in simply doing a load of laundry while keeping myself and my son alive. (Forget about making dinner on those days though!) I felt out of touch with my previous world and worried that I wouldn’t be able to find my rhythm again, but yet I wanted to be present and focused on raising my son.

For the Joy of Cooking: Becoming an Accidental Small Business Owner

Becoming a small business owner seems to often be either a lifelong passion or something you just fall into.

How To Juggle Your Business, Family, and Personal Life from Work from Home Moms Who Are In It


Between building a business and caring for your kids, it can be hard to find the time to think about what you need, let alone scheduling time to follow through.

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