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3 Alternatives to MLMs (2021 Update)

Not sure about multi-level marketing? These businesses offer flexibility for moms, too.
Creating a fun and flexible business model that works for your life — without the multi-level marketing.

Five Ways to Take Care of Yourself and Your Business this Summer

Chances are you’ve glanced at your calendar recently and been shocked at the date…how is summer racing by so quickly? Between navigating our reintroduction to social gatherings, the delight in getting kids into camps, sports, and playdates, the days pass by in a flash. Before we know it, we’ll be shopping for school supplies and signing up for fall activities…and we’ll be wishing we had grabbed a few more moments to enjoy summer.

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Why You'll Want to Lean Into Your Strengths to Cultivate Success

I have always been an education junkie. I’m endlessly curious and constantly looking things up when I’m reading articles, having conversations, or listening to podcasts (the internet is both my friend and my foe). I am obsessed with online courses and constantly distracted by the skills that I know I could strengthen…and then there are the things I didn’t know I didn’t know (ifykyk). Let’s just say that educational rabbit holes are my downfall.

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How to Move Your Business Forward Post-Covid

The pandemic has changed the way everyone does business, from customer communications to virtual meetings and online delivery of services. Now is the time to curate the highlights from this experience and set your business up for success in the post-Covid world. 

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How I Launched My Service Business in One Night

I’ll let you in on a secret: my biggest career move was conceived out of the blue, in just one afternoon, over drinks. It doesn’t sound like a recipe for success, does it? And to those who know me, who know that I am a devoted planner with a passion for process, strategy, and spreadsheets, it could come as a shock. But sometimes the best moves are based on intuition and passion…and then later are shaped by analysis and planning.

5 Tips to Gain Traction in a Facebook Community Group

You’ve found your dream Facebook group: you love the content, it’s completely relevant, and you are totally vibing with the members. You wish you could meet them IRL and have a girls’ night complete with wine and braiding each other’s hair. You want to make your mark and become an integral and respected member. So how do you make your time most meaningful and actually get traction for your business? The key is to be a good participant.

10 Quick Tips from a Clubhouse Insider

I did it! I scored an elusive invite to Clubhouse, downloaded the app and….yikes. I promptly exited, pulled up Instagram, and scrolled through some home organizing before/after shots to chill out for a minute.

Let’s be honest: the idea of learning a new social media platform truly is daunting. Maybe, like me, you finally got the hang of algorithms, learned the difference between a post and a story, maybe you even dabble in reels or TikTok (to be clear: not me). You've built a following and engage regularly with your community. You’ve mastered your list of hashtags. You’ve even created a poll and figured out how to share others’ posts to your stories.

How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Do a quick search, and you’ll find a million articles on how to differentiate your business from the crowd. Improving the customer experience, showing value, defining your niche, providing exceptional customer service: those are all solid suggestions.

Time Management Tips for Moms to Create a 25-Hour Day

Ok, ok…maybe not. We can’t actually add an extra hour to the day, as much as moms might love that! But by strategizing your workflow, and staying in the zone through batching, you can improve your productivity significantly and find extra time within nature’s pre-determined restrictions.

3 Alternatives to MLMs

Not sure about multi-level marketing? These businesses offer flexibility for moms, too.
Creating a fun and flexible business model that works for your life — without the multi-level marketing.

5 Things to Start (and Stop!) with your Email Newsletter in 2019

Designing an effective email newsletter is a low cost way to market to your audience. To maximize your time & effort, incorporate our newsletter tips to engage, and ultimately convert, your audience.

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