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Stop Saying No to Help

Women are programmed not to accept help. When a guest offers to help clean up after dinner: “Oh no! I’ve got it. You sit and enjoy yourself.” Or if help is offered at work, we worry it is a sign of weakness to accept assistance. We think we have to do everything ourselves. My instant response whenever anyone offers me a hand is a chipper “no thank you!” And I see it with my peers all the time when I offer them help.

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From Laid Off to Back On Track

"Getting laid off was a huge blow to my confidence. I’ve always had pride in my career, and no longer being wanted by my employer made me question my value. As I was processing what this meant for my career, I took the leap to start my own business, which helped me regain my sense of self and get my professional mojo back. By sharing this story, my hope is that other moms who have been laid off will explore self-employment as a way to get back on track—professionally and emotionally."
- Anna Ballard, Director of Marketing at Pepperlane

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